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Return to YOU.




Creativity, Nature & Spirit retreats


The Return™ is a transformational journey to return to spirit, experiencing the world with childlike wonder, embracing joy, play, fun, curiosity and imagination… to spark your creativity, imbue you with confidence, to center yourself, reconnect with your purpose, to embrace the magic, to bathe in self love, experience one-ness, remember your divinity, adorn your feminine form…

to set your soul on fire.

Experience the power of stepping out of your environment and dancing with mother nature, surrounding yourself with your like-minded creative soul-sisters to uplift and support you on this journey of reawakening.

The Return to Nature - Nature Retreats -


Frolicking through enchanted forests and fields.

Feeling the wind blow wild through your hair.

Contemplate the majesty and fragrance of a flower.

Immerse yourself in natural lakes and springs, feel the life-giving water…

Laugh round a magnificent roaring fire.

Gaze up at the stars, embracing all the wonder and magic of our universe.

Spend time in nature & with your beautiful community of soul-sisters.

The Return to Creativity - Art and Painting Retreats -

Creative AlchemyGolden-Triangle-The-Return-dot-ca

Paint, play and create in expertly guided Art workshops inspired by nature, flora & fauna, the universe & spirit.

Bold, fearless florals, wild tangled gardens and powerful spiritual symbols abound!

Expressing Yourself creatively and intuitively is a cornerstone to happiness and fulfillment and a magnificent tool for healing.

The Return to Self - Spirit Creativity Retreats -


Embrace your divine feminine form.

Guided workshops to create one-of-a-kind jewelry and crystal, shell, and floral crowns to adorn your beautiful self.

The Return is for anybody who desires to live a more creative life, seeking to reconnect with the inner artist in all of us…to overcome creative blocks, find your voice and build confidence.

Even if you have never picked up a paintbrush, there is no experience necessary, just a willingness to have fun and play.

A Sacred Space

The Return to blossoming

We are made of star-stuff. The same “stuff” that created the Universe and all the stars, then rearranged itself perfectly to become You. When was the last time you really felt that?

When was the last time you really listened? To yourself… to Your Inner Wisdom and Knowing?

The immense creative power and connection we all have is constantly drowned out by layer after layer of noise.

When was the last time you trusted?

Trusted Yourself. Your Intuition.

Tap into the Joy, Fun, Fearlessness, the Confidence, the Purpose and unshakeable Strength that lies within You.

It’s time to reconnect with you…with your true essence, and with the beautiful whispers that will always guide you to grace.

Reconnect with your inner light, so very bright.

Step away from the day to day, the worries, the responsibilities, or the mundane, immerse yourself in joy, in nature and creativity. Reconnect with your spirit and your truth.


Allow yourself to be present,
Be Free & Be Wild
and to just… BE.

Women's Spirit Retreats - Experience the Magic & Wonder. It’s time to Return. -

Experience the Magic

It’s time to Return.

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Can you remember who you were,
before the world told you who you should be?

― Danielle LaPorte